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G+J EMS is the marketer of digital media of G+J, Europe´s largest publisher of magazines, and external clients. This includes online and mobile as well as print, which we can link to each other in cross-media packages.



Parallax Ad

Technology to enjoy: The innovative “Parallax Ad” from G+J EMS can be used cross digitally and reacts to user interactions. more

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From 2015 onwards G+J Media Sales EMS will exclusively market Europe’s biggest Alpine- and Outdoor-Magazine DAV PANORANA and the website www.alpenverein.de of the German Alpine Association Deutscher Alpenverein. more



Native Advertisement

Native advertising is client content with added value deeply integrated into the editorial environment of a platform. more

International portfolio sold by OSP in the U.K.

G+J OSP London provide media solutions for clients from the UK. Our partners cover 50 countries in all media channels.

G+J OSP portfolio

G+J IMS international portfolio

G+J International Media Sales offers you perfect communication solutions in international top-media.

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